Sapropel in landscape design

Sapropel in landscape design

Sapropel is a unique natural resource that stores nutrients and energy for tens of thousands of years. According to its type sapropel can be differed as organic, siliceous, carbonate and ferrous. Each of the type takes its own place in nature and possesses individual vitamin content. Because of its healing properties, sapropelic mud has favourable influence on human organism, thus it is used in medicine and cosmetology for treatment and prevention of many diseases.

Disappointed in traditional medicine we often tend to choose an alternative one. So many people feel like returning “to the roots” and set their preferences for pelotherapy. Even die-hard opponents of pelotherapy after the first procedure become advocates of this technique. The healing properties of paloid are staggering: overall health and functions of an organism are restored, as well as all processes in the body, nails and hair are strengthened, the skin becomes clean and smooth, edema varicose veins fade, circulation improves and so on. In fact the list is endless. Opposed to the traditional for us treatment with pills that may have many side effects sapropelic mud treatment is absolutely harmless.

External application of sapropel. Sapropelic mud is externally used in the form of peloid masks, poultices (hot packs), immersion and suspension baths. The external application of sapropel is considered the major method in cosmetology and one of the key ones in medicine.

Applications (facial and body masks). “Open” sapropelic applications or, in other words, masks can be applied in a thin even layer (2-3 mm) to a face, a neck or any other skin area and they are to be kept for a short period of time (10-20 min.). The skin area is covered with sapropel mud (peloid) preheated by steams of boiling water (up to 37-42°C). The period of the treatment is being gradually increased from 10 to 20 min.  Before the mask is removed a light acupressure is recommended. The mask is washed off with plain water or some herbal decoction. When the mask is completely removed some nourishing cream for the corresponding type of skin is desirable alongside with a half-an-hour rest. Facial and body masks are effective in treatment of a variety of dermatological diseases, effectively eliminate hormonal acne, infantile eczema, perfectly restore the skin after burns, remove scars, pigmentation, lighten skin tone and make it smooth and even.

This method of treatment helps those people who suffer from chronic colds: sore throat or tonsillitis. In such cases, the sapropelic mask is applied to the neck area and under the chin.

Sapropel masks are effective in treatment of migraines and depressive state. In such case the “mud collar” is applied to a patient’s nape.  Sapropelic mud nourishes, tightens, reduces wrinkles and rejuvenates all skin types.

Poultices (hot compresses, hot packs).  Sapropel compresses are applied to the chest area, spine, joints, as well as to the area corresponding to the majority of the internal organs (liver, stomach, pancreas, bladder, and epoophoron). Preheated to 45°C the healing sapropel is applied evenly in a layer of 5mm with the help of a soft spatula or a special medical trowel. Then the area is covered with plastic film, over it a warm blanket, a plaid or a woolen scarf is laid. The treatment lasts for about half an hour, then the sapropelic mud is removed with a warm moist towel or a cloth. Some sleeping or resting is advisable later on.

It is better to consult a doctor before applying such a treatment, besides it is important to remember that such a method of treatment can become inappropriate in the period of the aggravation of a disease. For some types of diseases cold compresses are more preferable.

Sapropel compresses (hot packs) are an effective method of treatment of radiculitis, plexitis, neuritis, occupational vibration disease. They can help to eliminate the consequences of wounds and other injuries of the peripheral nervous system.

Immersion method and suspension baths. Therapeutic sapropel is heated up to 40°C and spread into packets (gloves). Thereafter, hands and feet are placed into them. The recommended concentration of a suspension bath is 1 kg of sapropel per 10 litre of water. The optimum period of a bath with the water temperature of 45°C is 20 minutes.

Such baths perfectly heal wounds, sores, cuts. The skin of hands and feet becomes soft, pleasant to touch after them. The immersion method will cure your heels from cracking, and your feet will never have an unpleasant odor, excessive sweating or mycoses.

Enteral applying of sapropel.

Sapropel can be taken enterally. It can be drunk, rubbed into gums and used in douching and doing enema. Therapeutic sapropel is an effective means of prevention and treatment of serious diseases, thus many physicians successfully apply it in their practice.

Enteral method. One teaspoon of sapropel is taken into the mouth and being chewed and rubbed against the guns for 5-6 minutes. If it is done 10-20 times a day in a few days you can get rid of a sore throat, bleeding gums, stomatitis and periodontal and strengthen teeth. Those who have tried this method claim that it can help you to get rid of inflammatory processes of the oral cavity and toothache.

For the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract sapropel is taken once a day – in the morning. Taking one teaspoon of sapropel on an empty stomach will relieve you from stomachache and strengthen the immune system. Enteral applicationof sapropel is allowed to women during the period of pregnancy and lactation.

Vaginal method. For the treatment and prevention of various gynecological diseases  vaginal swabs of 50-70 gr are applied  for 20-45 minutes. After removing swabs douching with a weak solution of manganese is recommended. This treatment is advisable at bedtime.

Such treatment is effective for disease of the uterus, infertility that is associated with inflammatory processes of the uterus and tubes, as well as for inflammatory diseases of the appendages and cervical erosion.

 Rectal method. Rectal enema with the addition of sapropel is used to treat urological, gynecological, proctological diseases and hemorrhoids. For an enema the water is preheated to 40-45 °C and 100 gr of the sapropel is dissolved in it. The enema tip is inserted into the rectum to a depth of 6 cm. The enema continues until a natural bowel emptying.

Peloid treatment combined with balneotherapy provides powerful anti-cellulite, lifting and restorative effect.

Methods of treatment are available to all and can be easily applied at home. Moreover, the sapropel does not interact with any drugs, so it is permissible for a combined treatment. As far as such a treatment does not require a large amount of sapropel it will not affect your budget.